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photographer E-Yaji.
The Mary and George Bloch Collection: Part IV  
Bonham's, Hong Kong, 28 November 2011: Lot 66 

Lot 66


Lot 66
Treasury 5, no.826 (‘Violet Surprise’)

A violet-blue glass 'kui dragons' snuff bottle

Semi-translucent violet-blue glass (appearing as ultramarine-blue in normal light); with a flat lip and recessed, slightly convex foot surrounded by a protruding rounded footrim; carved on each main side with the character long (‘dragon’), made up of four kui dragons sharing two bodies, two with bird-like heads, the shoulders with mask-and-ring handles
Imperial glassworks, Beijing, 1730-1770
Height: 5.7 cm
Mouth/lip: 0.7/1.45 cm
Stopper: coral, carved with a coiled chi dragon; plastic collar

Gerd Lester (1986)

Kleiner, Yang, and Shangraw 1994, no. 75
Treasury 5, no.826

Hong Kong Museum of Art, March-June 1994
National Museum, Singapore, November 1994-February 1995

This colour is rare in imperial glass generally and unique in snuff bottles of this type. Under transmitted light, the violet becomes obvious, but without it the colour appears to be ultramarine-blue. Also the most compressed of the spherical forms in this series, it has distinctly small rings on the mask handles, and may be one of the earlier examples.


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