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photographer E-Yaji.
The Mary and George Bloch Collection: Part X  
Sotheby's, Hong Kong, 1 June 2015: Lot 99 

Lot 99

Lot 99
('Discreet Gourd')

Translucent white nephrite of pebble material with some brown skin; with a flat lip; carved in the form of a double gourd with a severed, leafy branch wrapped around it, elements of which form the foot
Height: 4.2cm
Mouth/lip: 0.4/0.9cm
Stopper: Coral

Robert Kleiner, September 2000

The double-gourd form with leaves and tendrils, and often further gourds, wrapped around the fruit was a standard imperial design popular by the first years of the Qianlong at the latest, and almost certainly even earlier. The style of carving and small size here would allow an early date, but this does not fit neatly into the standard Qianlong range of such wares, either for its size or carving style, so might be either earlier or later.


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