Reflected Glory in a Bottle

INDEX Collections The portrait bottles mentioned in this book are, in general, from collections containing snuff bottles of many types. Most collections contain bottles made of glass, jade, hardstones, organic materials, and those with painting on the interior. It is within the last category that our portrait bottles fall. At present, (excluding the actor bottles), there are less than fifty known examples, so they are rare and highly prized. Indeed, many fine collections do not have a single example. A notable exception to the above is the collection of the late Dr. Louis E. Wolferz. Formed in Peking, it consisted of some one hundred twenty bottles, all interior-painted, including twelve portrait bottles. These twelve bottles, discussed and illustrated at length in this book, made an impressive sight when viewed together. The following is an index to the collections. Those bottles illustrated without an attribution are in the collection of the author. Brandeis University, 102 Cardinal Point, 2, 46 Claar, Mrs. Elmer A., 64 Dwyer, Edmund F., 95 Hacker, Susan B., 100 Hasterlik, Mrs. Jerome, 97 Hunter, Mr. & Mrs. Neal, 33 J. & J', 9, 36, 51, 85 Jutheau, V., 74 Kreuger, Mrs. Carl, 24, 30 Mack, Mr. & Mrs. Gerry P., 12 Mullin, Terry, 6, 70, 96-97 Oakland Museum, ix, 51 O'Dell, Edward Choate, 47, 78-79 Stevens, Bob C, 33, 98-99 Szekeres, Janos, 11, 101 Trojan, Mr. Es Mrs. Robert, 39 Wolferz, Louis E., 15, 21, 23, 28, 35, 47, 57, 60-61, 68, 86 113