Reflected Glory in a Bottle

Chapter Two CH'ING ADMINISTRATION Fig. 26. Sun Chia-nai. Tutor to the Heir Apparent. Sun Chia-nai (1827-1909) By recruiting Chinese scholars into its officialdom, the alien Ch'ing dynasty had accepted the concept of traditional Confucian order. Numerically the distribution of appointments between Manchus and Chinese appeared to be quite equitable, but the administration of the central government had been carefully arranged to ensure its absolute control by the Manchus. Those positions with political power were reserved almost exclusively for the Manchus. Cultural and educa- tion& posts went to the Chinese. Sun Chia-nal followed this prescribed route in passing the official examinations with highest honors, including a first-class compilership to the Hanlin Academy. After serving as director of education in Hupeh,hewasappointed a tutor in thePalaceSchool forPrinces.His selection ten years later as a tutor to the Kuang-hsü Emperor served to underline his growing influence. 22