Objects of Contemplation

1741 Ruan Yuan’s Green Marble Dreamstone A GREEN MARBLE DREAMSTONE JIAQING PERIOD, DATED TO THE GENGWU YEAR (1810) inscribed along the top with a poem, by Yuntai ti (‘Cloud Terrace’), dated gengwu qiuri (‘Autumn 1810’) and three seals - top left Ruan Yuan shihua (‘Ruan Yuan’s Stone Picture’), bottom left Ruan Yuan Boyuan fuyin (‘Ruan Yuan Boyuan, His Personal Seal’), and top right Tian Beng Lou (‘Sky Splitting Tower’); hongmu stand (2) 65 BY 91 CM., 25 I BY 36 IN. PROVENANCE Ruan Yuan Collection (1764-1849). Zeng Xianqi Collection, Boston. Wang Jiqian (C.C. Wang), Collection, New York. Acquired from Wang Jiqian, July 1986. LITERATURE Tseng Yu-ho (Betty Ecke), Some Contemporary Elements in Classical Chinese Art , no. 17, Honolulu, 1963. HK$250,000-350,000 US$32,200-45,100 清 綠大理石天然潑墨山水圖硯屏 「水暈流黄山根泛 綠忄在石如心天然」字 《庚午秋日 芸臺題》款 《天迸樓》《阮元伯元甫印》《阮元石画》印 《天迸樓》可能是此畫屏之題名、而不像阮元的堂號 來源: 阮元收藏 波士頓曾憲其(Zeng Xianqi)收藏 紐約王季遷(C.C. Wang)收藏 1986年7月、自王季遷 購入 出版: 檀香山1963年、曾幼荷(Betty Ecke)著、 Some Contemporary Elements in Classical Chinese Art. no.17 阮元(1764-1849),字伯元,號芸臺,江蘇儀征人、是清乾隆末至 道光朝內之大臣,經學家。乾隆五十四年(1789)擧進士,後成翰林 院庶吉士。歷任山東督學,浙江巡撫及湖廣總督、兩廣總督、雲貴總 督、道光十八年(1838)封體仁閣大學士。阮在多次鎮壓天地會活動 及強禦海防等屢樹功績、而對經學之精通和深入考證,及參與撰寫編 纂多本典籍方面亦見成就、其中以《經籍纂詁》至廣為人知。 在兼顧繁重的官務之同時、阮元亦是愛好古雅珍玩的收藏家、對書畫 金石極有鑽研。並曾編著多本相關刊籍、如紀錄於山東時所見賞石銅 器上銘文的「山左金石志」、研究古銅器上銘款的「積古齋鐘鼎彜器 款識法帖」及石碑刻文的「漢延熹西嶽華山碑考」等。於收藏盛期時 阮氏曾一度擁逾460件之銅器。 阮元對以裁切大里石材巧用其渾然天成的紋理圖案作畫的「石畫」藝 術、興緻極殷且饒富心得、積極蒐集外復加成書立著、以饗同好、曾 以駐廣東期間一手創立之學堂「學海堂」的「學海堂叢刻」名義刊印 「石畫記五卷」、詳錄其石畫收藏。曾幼荷(Betty Ecke)指現拍品 是阮元藏內四幅石畫中之一。 The inscriptions on the dreamstone read: A Huafu (‘Painting’) Shuiyun liuhuang shangen fan Lu guaishi ruxin tianran On a sheen of water, yellowish brown, mountains float on their roots, In green strange stone as natural, as ever could be wished. Inscribed: Gengwu qiuri (‘Autumn Day in the Gengwu year’ [31st July - 27th October 1810]) Yuntai ti (‘Inscribed by Cloud Terrace’). (‘Cloud Terrace’ was the hao of Ruan Yuan). Seals: Ruan Yuan shihua (‘Ruan Yuan’s Stone Picture’) Ruan Yuan Boyuan fuyin (‘Ruan Yuan, Boyuan, His Personal Seal’) Tian Beng Lou (‘Sky Splitting Tower’) The last seal appears to be the name of the picture and not an actual studio name. Ruan Yuan (1764-1849) was a scholar-official during the late Qianlong - Daoguang period. He passed his jinshi exam in 1789 and was subsequently appointed to the Hanlin Academy. His most noted work was the Biographies of Astronomers and Mathematicians. Aside from being a fervent scholar widely researching and publishing papers onQing history andChinese classics and being an assiduous official with numerous postings throughout China, Ruan Yuan was also well known for being an antiquarian. He wrote several volumes on inscriptions on ancient bronzes and stones. At one time he owned more than 460 bronze pieces in his own collection. He was also greatly interested in the art of cutting marbles of different shades to represent paintings, shihua (‘stone picture’). He left a work describing these ‘pictures’ in his possession entitled Shihua ji, 5 juan , printed in the Xuehai tang zongke. According to Betty Ecke, the present lot was one of four dreamstones owned by Ruan Yuan. 144 I WATER, PINE AND STONE RETREAT COLLECTION OBJECTS OF CONTEMPLATION