Objects of Contemplation

1722 The Dancing Sage Scholar’s Rock A GREY ‘YING’ SCHOLAR’S ROCK MING - QING DYNASTY the pale grey vertically oriented stone with a rough, pitted and jagged surface on one side and a smooth back side, hongmu stand, together with an ink painting on paper by the Master of the Water, Pine and Stone Retreat, with three seals of the artist STONE: 27 CM., 10 K IN. PAINTING: 76.5 BY 47.6 CM., 30 B BY 80 N IN. PROVENANCE Acquired in Hong Kong, February 1991. HK$150,000-250,000 US$19,400-32,200 明/清 灰英石「懸峰」賞石 來源: 1991年2月、於香港購入 88 I WATER, PINE AND STONE RETREAT COLLECTION OBJECTS OF CONTEMPLATION