Meriem Collection Sale One / 623

The Meriem Collection. Lot 623

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Of compressed spherical form with short cylindrical neck, slightly concave lip and
concave oval foot, the pale grey stone suffused with an attractive composition of pebbles
that appear to be tumbling towards the countersunk foot, coral stopper with vinyl collar
25.1 cm. high

P R O V E N A N C E :
Alex S. Cussons.
E X H I B I T E D :
Canadian Craft Museum, Vancouver, 1992.
L I T E R A T U R E :
Chinese Snuff Bottles No. 1, p. 19, top right.

Puddingstone is the general term for a conglomerate of sedimentary flint pebbles in a matrix of
chert - both part of the large quartz family. Bottles carved from this striking material come in a
wide variety of colors, textures, sizes and shapes. The stone’s appearance is not dissimilar to plum
pudding, from which it derives its name.

This bottle is of the popular compressed oval form typical of a series of bottles dating from the
mid-Qing period. For a range of bottles in this material, see B. Stevens, The Collector’s Book of
Snuff Bottles, no. 609-17.

The variation in size of the pebbles sets up an attractive counterpoint to the beige matrix and the
combination of shapes and sizes creates a strong design that compliments the simple and tactile

The Meriem Collection. Lot 623

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