Meriem Collection Sale One / 661

The Meriem Collection. Lot 661

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Of compressed spherical form with flat lip and concave oval foot surrounded by a flat
footrim, the semi-translucent stone of variegated soft vermillion-red and creamy-beige
color, each side carved in low relief with a circular panel containing a stylized shou
character encircled by two scaly dragons with a flaming pearl, the narrow sides with
plain elongated oval panels, jadeite stopper with coral finial and vinyl collar
5.1 cm. high

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The use of four-clawed dragons as a decorative motif suggests that this bottle was made for use by
a member of the nobility. It is very likely that the bottle would have been made by Imperial order
for distribution to the ennobled. In the Chinese bureaucratic system it was traditional for the
emperor to distribute gifts of snuff bottles at festivities, or for members of different levels of society
to exchange or gift either to gain access to influential people, or to show gratitude for support
given or favors granted. There were many porcelain bottles enameled with four-clawed dragons
produced by the Daoguang Emperor as favors to distribute to the nobility, although with an
unmarked bottles such as this, there is no reason why a noble entitled to the four-clawed dragon
should not have ordered his own bottles.

The Meriem Collection. Lot 661

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