Meriem Collection Sale One / 681

The Meriem Collection. Lot 681

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Of flattened pear form with tapering neck, flat lip and recessed foot surrounded by a
footrim, carved on one side in the mottled grey area of the stone with a ribbon-tied
flute utilizing a slender line of black in the paler stone that extends at a slight diagonal
from the black area encompassing one of the narrow sides and the foot, on the other
narrow side a double-gourd borne on a leafy stem is carved to conform to the shape of
a black area of the stone, coral stopper with gilt-metal collar
5.7 cm. high

P R O V E N A N C E :
Potter’s Gallery, Vancouver.

This material, with its distinctive black and mottled beige coloring is unusual, and has been
imaginatively used by the carver. It comes from a range of stones found as pebbles and highly
regarded by the Chinese since ancient times. Chinese jade carvers of the later dynasties were
skilled at using variations in color in the stone to accentuate their designs.
The material is reminiscent of a range of marble mined in Yunnan province and more commonly
known as “Dali stones”, a material beloved of the literati where natural pictures exist in the stone
when appropriately sliced.

The flute is a symbol of Han Xiangzi, one of the Eight Immortals, while the gourd in this case
brings to mind another of the Immortals, the lame beggar, Li Tieguai. The design is intended to
evoke the Immortals in general.

The Meriem Collection. Lot 681

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