Meriem Collection Sale One / 699

The Meriem Collection. Lot 699

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Of compressed ovoid form with concave lip and flat foot, the thick-walled bottle made
in imitation of finely mottled jadeite of crystalline structure and rich green color,
tourmaline stopper with gilt-metal collar
6.4 cm. high

There is a small series of bottles carved from solid blocks of emerald-green glass which imitate
jadeite. As a general rule, they are of this simple, compressed ovoid form, and devoid of
decoration. Records from the Imperial archives testify that glass intended to imitate jadeite was
produced from as early as 1743. There are also numerous examples of plume holders for hat
feathers of officials made from similar glass. This is one of the most impressive of all known bottles
of the group, with its realistic weight and excellent imitation of the real stone.

For other examples of glass bottles imitating jadeite, see one with mask-and-ring handles, in the
Bloch Collection, illustrated by Moss, Graham, Tsang, A Treasury of Chinese Snuff Bottles, Vol. 5,
Glass, no. 976, where other examples are also cited.

The Meriem Collection. Lot 699

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