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photographer E-Yaji.

The Marakovic Collection  
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Blue Kui

Inlaid famille rose enamels on bronze, with gold (cloisonné); with a flat lip, flat foot, and flat foot rim; each main side with an identical partially filled design of a circular shou (‘longevity’) medallion in seal script surrounded by four highly stylized kui dragons within an eight-lobed panel, which is surrounded by a further frame of formalized floral decoration, the narrow sides also with bands of formalized floral design, the shoulders with a band of formalized lingzhi beneath a neck band of formalized flowers; the interior not enamelled, the exposed exterior metal all gilt with a stippled texture added to the unfilled areas of the design
Probably imperial, 1750–1850
Height: 5.44 cm
Mouth/lip: 0.56/1.54 cm
Stopper: lapis-lazuli; silver collar

Michael Kaynes
Sotheby´s, Hong Kong, November 16, 189, lot 69
Robert Kleiner & Co. Ltd, Hong Kong, 1989
J&J Collection
Christie’s, New York, September 2008, lot 2
Hugh Moss (HK) Ltd

Moss, Graham, Tsang, The Art of the Chinese Snuff Bottle, the J&J Collection, no. 267.

Christie’s, New York, 1993
Empress Palace Museum, Singapore, 1994
Museum für Kunsthandewerk, Frankfurt, 1996-1997
Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, London, 1997
Naples Museum of Art, Florida, 2002
Portland Museum of Art, Oregon, 2002
National Museum of History, Taipei, 2002
International Asian Art Fair, New York, 2003
Poly Art Museum, Beijing, 2003


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