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photographer E-Yaji.

The Marakovic Collection  
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The Emperor’s Gold

Inlaid famille rose enamels on gold (cloisonné); with a flat lip, slightly concave foot, and convex foot rim; decorated on each main side with an identical design of five bats, the lowest one holding in its mouth a beribboned twin cash symbol, the other four facing a shou (‘longevity’) character set in a foliate panel surrounded by formalized floral scrolling incorporating twinned fish, peaches, Indian lotus, and a segment of leiwen (‘thunder pattern’), the outer foot with a band of formalized petals, the neck with band of formalized lingzhi and pendent petals; the interior, lip, and foot without enamel
Palace workshops, Beijing, 1720-1780
Height: 4.95 cm     
Mouth/lip: 0.72/1.11 cm
Stopper: gold, chased with a formalized floral design

John Ault
Robert Kleiner, June 2005
Robert Hall, June 2005
Hugh Moss (HK) Ltd, July 2005

Journal of the International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society, Spring 1987, front cover (top left)
Chang Gang 常罡, Canghai yizhu: Qiasi falang biyanhu yanjiu 滄海遗珠掐絲珐琅鼻烟壺研究 [Undiscovered pearls in the deep ocean: A study of cloisonné enamel snuff bottles] (Beijing: SDX Joint Publishing Co., 2013), 89, no. 16


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