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photographer E-Yaji.

The Marakovic Collection  
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Rocky Perch

Famille rose enamels on translucent glass; with a flat lip and flat foot; painted with a continuous garden scene with two birds perched on a perforated rock with hibiscus manihot (huang shu kui 黃蜀葵), bamboo, and a branch with berries and a few red leaves, between a neck border of formalized, feathery floral scrolling above formalized lingzhi and a base band of formalized lingzhi
Palace workshops, Beijing, 1750–1780
Height: 5.50 cm
Mouth/lip: 0.65/1.50 cm
Stopper: gilt metal chased with a formalized floral design

Hugh Moss (HK) Ltd

Journal of the International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society, Spring 2004, back cover


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