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photographer E-Yaji.

The Marakovic Collection  
Figure: (I.56) 
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Double Wrapped

Famille rose enamels on metal, with gold; a double bottle; each with a flat lip, concave foot, and convex foot rim; painted to simulate a sash, with elaborate floral and diaper patterns with butterflies tied around the two bottles, partly obscuring foliate, floral panels and formalized floral scrolls, the neck with a band of cells of formalized lingzhi pattern, inscribed in regular script Qianlong nian zhi 乾隆年製 (‘Made in the Qianlong era’), two characters on each foot; the exterior exposed metal originally all gilt, the interior covered with white enamel
Imperial, Guangzhou, 1736–1795
Height: 5.40 cm
Mouths/lips: 0.7/1.0 cm
Stoppers: mother-of-pearl; gilt silver collars

Robert Hall, 1999


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