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photographer E-Yaji.

The Marakovic Collection  
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Jesuit Legacy

Translucent glass; with a flat lip and recessed, slightly convex foot with a flat foot rim; engraved with a diamond point on one main side with a fenghuang 鳳凰 flying downward with a peony sprig in its beak and on the other with four tetrasyllabic lines of poetry in regular script, the narrow sides incised with bats suspending paired linked rings; the foot inscribed in regular script Kangxi 康熙 (‘Kangxi era’)
Imperial glassworks, Beijing 1696–1722
Height: 5.9 cm
Mouth/lip: 0.70/1.68 cm
Stopper: coral; silver collar

Wang Xisan, Hong Kong, circa 1995
Hugh Moss (HK) Ltd
Meriem Collection
Christie’s New York, 19 March 2008, lot 298

Emily Byrne Curtis, ‘Vitreous Art: Colour Materials for Qing Dynasty Enamels’, Arts of Asia 24, no. 6 (1994): 97, fig. 2

The poem is translated in the text.




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