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photographer E-Yaji.

The Mary and George Bloch Collection: Part I  
Bonham's, Hong Kong, 28 May 2010: Lot 108 

Lot 108

Lot 108
Treasury 6, no. 1246

Another of Eight

Famille rose enamels on colourless glaze on cobalt on porcelain; with a flat lip and slightly convex foot; painted with a continuous garden scene, with three scholars seated around a rectangular table in front of two trees, one blossoming, a red lantern set on a pole beside the table, while one servant on the opposite side of the bottle fans a brazier with a kettle on it and another holds a tray with a cup beneath a lantern suspended between two flowering tree branches; the scene framed top and bottom in underglaze-blue, detailed in gold enamel, with a formalized design of a band of lotus petals around the base and lingzhi around the shoulders beneath a neck-band of flower heads, the foot inscribed in iron-red seal script, Jiaqing nian zhi (Made during the Jiaqing period); the lip painted gold, the interior glazed
Imperial kilns, Jingdezhen, 1796–1820
Height: 7 cm
Mouth/lip: 0.64/1.74 cm
Stopper: gold enamel on colourless glaze on porcelain, moulded with a formalized chrysanthemum design; not original

Lot 108 Provenance:
alia Baylin
Sotheby’s, New York, 3 October 1980, lots 98 and 99
Hugh M. Moss Ltd., (1980)
Belfort Collection

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Treasury 6, no. 1246

Hong Kong Museum of Art, October–December 1978
L’Arcade Chaumet, Paris, June 1982
Sydney L. Moss Ltd., London, October 1987
Galeries Lafayette, Paris, April 1990
Creditanstalt, Vienna, May–June 1993
Hong Kong Museum of Art, March–June 1994
National Museum of Singapore, November 1994–February 1995
British Museum, London, June–October 1995
Israel Museum, Jerusalem, July–November 1997

Lot 108 Commentary
This is the second bottle in the Bloch Collection from the famous set of eight, discussed under lot 107 (Treasury 6, no. 1245), the commentary for which lot applies equally to this example. The symbolism differs, however. Here the two attendants preparing tea underneath a wind (feng)-blown lantern (deng) imply ‘[May you live in] abundance’ based on a pun on the term for ‘bumper harvest’ (fengdeng).

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