Meriem Collection Sale One / 665

The Meriem Collection. Lot 665

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Of rounded-rectangular form with recessed, flat oval foot surrounded by a footrim, the
semi-translucent stone with all over dendritic markings of dark green color dramatically
contrasting with the opaque eddies of rusty orange and variegated dark ochre enclosing
small crystalline inclusions, amethyst stopper with silver collar
5.9 cm. high

P R O V E N A N C E :
Robert Hall, London.

The term “dendritic” is derived from “dendrite”, and refers to markings in the stone which
resemble fern-like, or branch-like growths of any kind. “Moss agate” was known to the Chinese,
rather appropriately, as shuicao (water weeds).

Like so many bottles of exciting material, the present bottle is exceptionally well made, of an
elegant form and impeccably well hollowed. The coloring makes for one of the most exciting moss
agate bottles known, and, as usual, a range of possible interpretations of the natural markings is
possible: a glimpse of a carp swimming beneath the algae in a pond, a mysterious landscape, or
seaweed in shallow water among them.

The Meriem Collection. Lot 665

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